In Doing It Right This Time, DIRTT’s mission is to radically modernize the construction industry by creating responsive, sustainable and unique workspaces through DIRTT’s Agile Architectural Solutions. Previously unimagined mass-custom modular solutions offer speed, design, performance and environmental sustainability for a wide variety of work environments.

DIRTT Walls are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and horizontally support new and legacy furniture and storage.  Movable walls and access floors allow for complete self-expression and flexible function providing a productive, long-term asset.

Agile Architectural Solutions virtually eliminate construction waste and any future renovation waste – negating demolition, dumping, procuring and re-building. The results are dramatic and meaningful for the environment and the bottom-line.

DIRTT received the 2006 Best of Year Award for Architectural Product from Interior Design Magazine (NY) and the Excellence in Partnership Award for Industry Green Partner from the U.S. Government Services Administration (GSA) and the Coalition for Government Procurement.

DIRTT Walls & Doors

DIRTT’s walls are parametric in nature which means they are open to being designed within very wide parameters: Sizes, shapes, angles, finishes, supports are completely customizable for the best integration in your space and culture.  DIRTT uses real-time, interactive 3D software called ICE®, for a fluid flow of information from design and point-of-sale to the manufacturing floor.  The ICE® software allows our clients to help design and view their work space in 2D and 3D, eliminating confusion regarding fit, finish and layout.



DIRTT Power is a quick-connect, pre-tested and adaptable solution. All your electrical requirements arrive at your site in the correct lengths with factory-built components ready to go. The journeyman does the connections in one location while less expensive tradesmen simply click the connections together. No cutting. No bending pipe. No waste. No contingency fee. If you need to move any of your outlets around later, your facilities team simply unplugs and plugs without disrupting the rest of the chain.



Healthcare facilities are some of the most technologically intensive, fastest changing spaces. They also have to provide an empathetic human experience for patients, visitors and staff. Success comes down to better care and improved outcomes.  DIRTT Walls satisfy all these criteria.  They offer customized, accessible support for medical gasses, equipment, plumbing, power/data, handrails, furniture, storage, and audio/visual systems. The challenges of infection prevention and layout consistency are also met with rigor. DIRTT offers anti-bacterial finishes and the ability to design same placement of equipment in every room, making fewer opportunities for infections and mistakes.


A drawer that shuts itself. A credenza hanging off the floor. An overhead that is the perfect fit…these are little things that make a big difference.  DIRTT Millwork is fully customizable, modular cabinetry. Just like built in-situ millwork, you can create the perfect piece to fit the perfect space. Unlike conventional millwork, DIRTT Millwork offers a set price, a fast lead-time, smooth install and long-term agility.  DIRTT Millwork works for nearly any application – healthcare, corporate, residential, education, government… Finishes and shapes are determined by the designer to suit the space. Using ICE® software, the designer designs while the software specifies, prices and produces manufacturing information. The perfect piece is produced quickly and without error.

Hands-free drawers, secure lockers, non-splash-back sinks, overheads, kitchen cabinetry and countertops are just some of the many ways DIRTT Millwork can morph into what you need, in the size you need, at the speed you need. It all hangs from the horizontal support in DIRTT Walls, ready to move if you need.

Materials and mechanical devices used in DIRTT Millwork are of the highest quality and durability. They are used in high traffic areas where they must operate continually and live up to their 10-year warranty. DIRTT Millwork’s history goes back to 1997 when it started life as Wahu Caseworks. Since then, tens of thousands of linear feet have been installed all overNorth America.


Raised Floor

The DIRTT Floor is a low-profile floor. At just two and five-eights inches high it doesn’t support HVAC , but it does support adaptable power and data infrastructures. In some cases, where ceiling conditions are limiting, a low-profile floor is the only choice. The clever design of the DIRTT Floor components makes it straightforward to install.  Once in place, the sub-trades simply open the pathways and lay down their cables thereby lowering labor hours. This is compared to going up and down ladders and feeding wires into trays in the ceiling.

Pre-manufactured, pre-wired, pre-tested units are quickly installed and easily reconfigured by in-house teams, rather than the conventional method of building a cable infrastructure from scratch on-site, which is disposed of when changes are made. By having modular power and data solutions within easy reach in the floor, electrical and data contractors do not need the same number of master technicians on-site.  Ultimately instead of paying for more labor hours you are paying for a higher quality asset that has strategic and ongoing benefits for your business.  The DIRTT Floor is sturdy, quiet and easy to install and access.  Its low-profile means you will not noticeably lose ceiling height, yet you will have a 21st century technology infrastructure at your feet and ready to adapt to any of your needs.


DIRTT brings its sustainable, modular, flexible approach to the world of Living Walls. Breathe™ is a way for everyone to introduce living plants into their interiors to take advantage of the beauty, air cleaning attributes and kick of extra oxygen plants provide, all without using up precious real estate.

Breathe is designed to initially or retroactively attach to DIRTT Walls or conventional walls. Plant pot modules come in different sizes and cantilever into the patented DIRTT support extrusions. Plants are easily added, moved and removed without disrupting adjacent plants.  A straightforward plumbing system is integrated with Breathe, freeing it from the complexities of base building plumbing. Watering is simple. The self-contained pipes and troughs use gravity to send water through the system. Wicks in each pot allow all plant species to absorb what they need. After the last pot, any remaining water is captured – standing water is not an issue for the plants or the occupants of the building. Each pot literally contains the plants to limit diseases and allow for easy removal, inspection or reconfiguration.