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The office you remember is gone. Imagine in its place a workplace in harmony with the new ways in which you work. An agile space of rich colors and textures. An immersive landscape where artificial intelligence and virtual reality come together to help you solve complex problems. A place where you move to intuitive workspaces, connected conference rooms, comfortable lounges. Each day’s demands are different, and you wake up excited to meet them.

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360issue70It’s fast becoming a deeply-embedded yearning of our time. In workplaces throughout the world, there’s awareness that we’re not performing to full potential and too many distractions are to blame. While the diagnosis may seem clear, most people feel helpless to do anything about it other than to keep working harder at staying focused…

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360 Issue 69: Making Distance Disappear

360issue69Teamwork is a lot harder than it used to be. In the not-so-distant past, teammates simply called a meeting, gathered in a conference room and solved problems—or at least they tried to. It wasn’t a perfect process, but it was far less complex…

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360 Issue 67: Wellbeing: A Bottom Line Issue

360Magazine-Issue68_14-0001664Worker wellbeing is a hot topic and extends beyond measures of personal satisfaction or fulfillment. It’s critical to an organization’s ability to innovate and thrive.

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Industry Articles & White Papers



Cubicle Couches and Other Hot Trends in Workplace Design | Article

Workspaces have a lot of problems. And as just as they seem to be fixed, new ones emerge with alacrity, ranging in severity from microwave popcorn smell sensitivity to the real challenge of how best to cultivate creative collaboration…

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New-Gen workers in India & China: Reshaping Their Workplaces & the World | White Paper

As residents of the world’s hottest centers of economic growth, young people in India and China are breaking new ground while surrounded by traditions…

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Brand, Culture and the Workplace | White Papers

Which comes first — the culture or the brand? Steelcase WorkSpace Futures In today’s hyper-connected, ever- flattening world, it’s almost become a question not worth asking…

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Steelcase Perspective on Sustainability

Whether you have just begun to explore ways to protect the environment through green product choices, or are pursuing LEED certification for your facility, Red Thread brings the necessary product portfolio and experience. Working with you and your design team, we can help you achieve your green goals.

At Steelcase we embrace our responsibility to care for our planet and its people. As we continue to study, learn and share insights, our commitments and accountabilities continue to grow in measurable and meaningful ways.

All of this leads us to deliver innovative products and increased value to our customers and stakeholders.

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Sustainability WhitePapers & Articles

Sustainability Comes of Age: White Paper
What got us thinking… Environmental sustainability is important. Practically everyone agrees with that, despite varying levels of understanding about environmental issues and different levels of commitment to them. The larger issue is how to define sustainability. The word… Read full paper
The Designer’s Role in Sustainability: White Paper
Interior design doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is an integral part of any building construction or renovation project. Building interiors are fitted with materials, products and systems from a network of raw materials that stretches around the… Read full article

Product Environmental Profiles

Product Environmental Profiles and certificates for Cradle to Cradle, Level and SCS Indoor Advantage certified products.

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Relocation Planner

Office Relocation Planner (ORP) was created to guide Tenants from the site selection process through the turnover of your existing facility. In addition, this software addresses the most common Tenant challenges:

  1. Defining project requirements and developing a “realistic” budget.
  2. Identifying (and contracting with) the vendors that you need.
  3. Understanding the Tenant’s project responsibilities.
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