The UCF-Steelcase Dealer Network program provides a customer with consistent service anywhere in North America.

The program was designed to support and connect the selling dealer, the installing dealer, the customer and Steelcase. Allowing all customers receive consistently simplified documentation, on-time delivery and high-quality installation service at any location in the United States and Canada.


Dealers must meet strict criteria to be qualified as official “Network Dealers”.

  • A designated Network Coordinator responsible for all incoming/outgoing network transactions
  • Insurance for public liability, workers’ compensation, property damage, transportation vehicles, and occupational disease
  • Insurance for merchandise in the dealer’s care, custody and control
  • A Steelcase-trained Installation Crew Supervisor who has completed Steelcase Solutions Installation Training within the last three years; these supervisors must update their training at specified periodic intervals
  • Adequate warehouse storage space to accommodate customer storage needs
  • Agreement with all requirements, procedures and responsibilities of the installing dealers
  • Agreement to execute all installing dealer activities within the time limits set forth