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We can assist you with the creation of a work space to fit all your needs.

UCF design professionals have extensive training and experience in the application of commercial furnishings. We work with your architect & design team to effectively leverage space. Our designers can help to create an environment that integrates your workplace, your people, your culture and your budget. In instances where our clients do not have an architect or design firm supporting their project, our Design professionals can guide you through the entire process of your space development. Starting with the layout of the suite through the development of a color pallet, and selections of paint, finish material, carpet and flooring.

Furniture Programming and Meetings

  • Work with client/architect to define furniture objectives and project goals.
  • Interview department heads/managers to gather information regarding headcounts, workstation configuration, private office typicals, lobbies, conference areas and healthcare environments.
  • Inventory any existing furniture to be re-used.

Preliminary Design

  • Develop furniture typicals
  • Selection of furniture and finishes
  • Present design and furniture layouts based on information gathered from programming sessions.
  • Present preliminary furniture budget and finish selections.

Design Development

  • Develop final furniture layout for client approval.
  • Inventory re-use analysis.
  • Present furniture plans and recommendations to client/architect for approval.
  • Present furniture and finish selections to client/architect for approval.
  • Coordinate furniture design development with outside contractors and architect (electricians, phone and cabling).

Design Documents

  • Provide presentation boards complete with furniture and finish selections.
  • Provide installation drawings
  • Provide furniture evaluation package consisting of:
    • Tagged furniture plans in CAD format.
    • Illustrated furniture specification sheets with quantities and tagging.
    • LEED documentation per furniture specification sheets.