UCF allows you to manage your assets in an organized and retrievable inventory at your site or in our facility.

Imagine connecting online to see photo images of your furniture assets, ready to be deployed on your next project. Furniture reuse and accessibility forms an important component of UCF’s promise to bring the best in office furniture innovation and service.

Identify Usable Furniture Assets

Asset specialists identify all vintages and brands of furniture products, categorizing items by style, condition, parts, and reusability. This analysis creates a reuse strategy platform, setting a baseline for what to keep and what to purge.

Bar Code and Scan

Each unique furniture item receives a data base identifier, bar code, and scan into an electronic asset management program. This data base enables instant online information access about available product, items reserved for projects, photos, churn reports, and identifies slow-moving products. Active inventory management assures proper and timely cost controls.

Refresh and refurbish

Condition codes classify items that may need parts, cleaning, new paint, wood touch up, or some new fabric. What better time to refresh and renew furniture than during its “down” time. UCF’s Re-creations skilled artisans turn tired products into like new condition, ready for your next project.

Broker or Dispose

Optimizing value might mean clearing out low use items. UCF’s asset team presents designated purge items to brokers for potential resale value, and manages this asset transfer. When items offer no sale opportunity, efficient disposal methods are identified and implemented.