Offering a Full Collection of Coordinated ART

Merging energies and vision, UCF has partnered with REVERSE2 to offer a full collection of artworks customized specifically for UCF’s innovative furnishings, making for the complete live/work environment.

The Elements Collection is an expanding library of Design Essentials that cater to UCF’s sleek modern office systems, creating spaces that nourish the human experience while catapulting the creative spirit.

Grass Graphic on Glass Wall

The Elements Collection

Affordable Durable Expandable Light Weight Easy to Install Wipe Friendly The perfect solution for Health Care industries and large office settings.

Select your designs, colorations, sizes and it’s a ready-made soothing environment that flows perfectly with the furnishings. Standard works are infused on brushed aluminum or customized on fabric, wood and glass. Designs are also available on magnetic “Skins”, the perfect solution for outdated metal panel systems for companies that want a fresh look on a friendly budget.

REVERSE2 also offers extended customizing of designs within the Elements Collection with the integration of:

  • Logos
  • Messaging
  • Branding
  • Company Name Plates

Additional Services

  • On site design consultations
  • Fully customized and/or exclusive designs
  • Photography of space and virtual installation of designs Installation
  • Large scale Corporate and Public Art Commissions

Along with one of a kind custom pieces for lobby’s, conference rooms and courtyards, REVERSE2 is here to create the visual language to enhance your environment, engaging viewers while helping to attract and retain employees and customers.

Individuals are thirsty for nurturing environments. The Elements Collection is where Mother Nature meets Human Nature, creating a soothing environment where you and your business can thrive.

The Elements Collection for Smart Companies Savvy Enough to Realize They Have Valuable Real Estate Within Their Company’s Walls.

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